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Services for Education Sectors

Siubo Education Group provides a full array of professional services to the educational sectors, from kindergartens, schools, learning centres to educational institutes. The Group is well-experienced in the following areas:



English educational programs for all ages

International English programs – Trinity, Cambridge, etc.

Putonghua and foreign language courses for students

Extra-curriculum programs design and provision of specialist teachers

NET Teacher Scheme Recruitment

Multi-intelligence learning programs for preschooler
Native language teachers recruitment, selection and training
Consultation for Working Visa Service

    小寶教育集團 的專業團隊從事教育事業經已十年,十分熟悉教育事業的運作,合作夥伴包括中小學、幼稚園及商營交易機構,客戶數目過百戶,服務包括:

  1. 小學/幼稚園校外課程
  2. 外籍/本地導師招聘
  3. 全職/兼職導師支援服務
  4. 課程設計
  5. 導師培訓
  6. 申請工作簽證
  7. 提供教育中心顧問服務
  8. 推廣專利產品及課程